About Freedom Toons

FreedomToons is a weekly animated web series producing satirical and educational content about politics and current events from a conservative perspective.

Started by Seamus Coughlin in 2014, FreedomToons has since amassed 800,000+ youtube subscribers and over 155 million views.

While the videos were initially produced by Seamus with little outside help, FreedomTooms has established a dedicated team of talented animators who strive to create excellent and timely content on a limited budget. Coughlin still serves as the primary writer and voice actor for the series and FreedomToons continues to be one of the few web series producing an original animated video each week.

If you enjoy what FreedomToons does, please consider becoming a member for 5 dollars a month and not only will you be supporting independent content creators and artists who operate from outside of the left wing paradigm- you will also receive 4 exclusive members only cartoons each month which are not available to the public!